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Hail Ridge Golf Course

Golf Course

Our History

The Hail Ridge Golf Course that you see today began as a dream of Jones and Norene Gann over 18 years ago. Even though Jones and Norene weren’t avid golfers, they felt their property lent itself well to the construction of a course. We hope you all agree.

Construction commenced in March of 2004, with a design and construction team consisting of members of the management team, maintenance team, contractors, architects and veteran consultants.

The course opened for play in August of 2005 and represents the manifestation of Jones’ and Norene’s dream.

We are open to the public 7 days a week, and are available for private outings and events.

Hail Ridge is an 18 hole facility with continuous cart paths, a clubhouse with a ballroom , a driving range and a service staff second to none.


Course Tour

The 1st Hole

The opening hole is a downhill par 4. A creek guards the front of the green and distance control is important. Drivers landing on the down slope could roll too far and get wet. The pin location is also important on this hole because of the trees that overhang the approach area. If the pin is on the left side of the green the best position for the tee shot is the right side of the fairway.

The 2nd Hole

The second hole is a downhill par 3. The pin location will determine club selection. The back 1⁄4 of the green slopes away and makes for difficult putting. No easy two putts here. The hazard behind the green makes the back pin location a real risk reward shot. A shot missed left or long may lead to bogey or double bogey.

The 3rd Hole

The third hole is a straight away slightly uphill par 5. Avoid the tall grass on the right side of the cart path. A good drive down the center will give you a chance to get home in two. The smart play would be to hit 3 wood, mid iron, and wedge for a putt at birdie.

The 4th Hole

The fourth hole is a straight away par 3 playing downwind most of the time. Club selection is always important. When the pin is on the right side of the green shots missed to the right will be a tough up and down. Play for the middle of the green and make that birdie putt. There is nothing wrong with tap in pars.

The 5th Hole

The fifth hole is a dogleg right that the big hitters may be able to reach, shots left of the fairway will most likely find the OB area and shots missed to the right will be hard to find in the tall native grass. Consider playing 3 wood or long irons to the flat area around the 100 yard marker. For a good chance at birdie, the approach shot must be played to the correct level on this two-tiered green. This easy hole has some bite.

The 6th Hole

The sixth hole is one of the most difficult tee shots on the course. The small pond on the left will catch shots pulled and the tall grass on the right cause delays, looking for your ball. Driver down the middle will leave an approach shot hit with mid to long irons. Shots that land to the right of the green will kick towards the green. Thick rough is found if you fly the green.

The 7th Hole

If you want a challenge the seventh hole from the Blue tees will test your skill. Most players decide to play the forward or middle tees to avoid this back tee location. This 215 yard Par 3 over water causes many players to try and make bogey from the forward drop area. Aim long and right and take your chance at getting up and down for par. Very few birdies found on this hole. Remember to put a freedom swing on this one.

The 8th Hole

The eighth hole is a slight dogleg left and gives you a chance to make up for the bogey you just took and the difficult 7th hole. Driver played down the left center of the fairway will give you a chance at eagle. The second shot plays shorter than you think due to the downhill slope. Play your second shot 10-15 yards short of the green and you will have an eagle putt. Avoid right and long as tall grass punish that missed played long approach. Consider the 3 wood, mid iron, pitching wedge, one putt birdie option, boring golf still wins most of the time.

The 9th Hole

The last hole on the front nine calls for a well placed drive up the right side of the fairway. Shots pulled left will leave a blind shot into this green that slopes from back to front. Down hill putts make for difficult pars. Front of the green is the smart play. Enjoy a snack at the pro shop before tackling the back nine. It is hard to match your front nine score on the back. Good luck.

The 10th Hole

The first hole on the back nine calls for a layup tee shot to the 100 yard marker. Drivers will most likely run through the fairway and find tall grass and or water. Shots played down the left side of the fairway will bounce toward the middle of the fairway. Watch the pin location on this two-tiered green. A good short iron should give you a chance to get the back nine started under par.

The 11th Hole

The eleventh hole is the most difficult par 4 on the back nine. Driver is a must if you want any chance at par. The best play is a draw down the right center that will roll down the slope leaving mid to long irons to a difficult green. Beware of the hazard just in front of the green for those shots played from well back in the fairway. Consider lying up to the 100 yard marker and take double bogey out of play. Who knows maybe the hole will get in the way allowing you to save par.

The 12th Hole

The twelfth hole is a slight dogleg left par 4. Avoid the tall native grass on the right side of the fairway. Most balls get lost and it is no fun playing three off the tee. A well place drive should leave mid to short irons into a long undulating green. Pin location is most important on this green.

The 13th Hole

The thirteenth hole starts a back to back par 5’s that will require well placed drivers. This first par 5 on the back nine calls for a well placed drive up the left center of the fairway just inside the tress that guard the left side of the fairway. Drives to the right center may run through the fairway find the tall fescue rough. Players wanting to get home in two must find the fairway. Lay up shots should favor the left side of the fairway as to avoid the area on the right side of the fairway that slopes severely towards the tall rough.

The 14th Hole

The fourteenth hole is a real risk reward par 5. This downhill par 5 will bring eagle thoughts to your mind. Drivers must be placed between the tall fescue rough found on the right and OB stakes that punish pulled aggressive drivers. The smart player will hit a 3 wood, mid iron, wedge, and take his/her chance at a one putt birdie. But who wants to play smart golf. Go for it and good luck.

The 15th Hole

The fifteenth hole is a mid to long par 3 depending on the tee box played. Watch for the crossing wind and this hole plays downhill. Club selection is important due to the large green. Shot short and right of the green should allow for an easy up and down. Avoid the left side as balls can roll into the OB area.

The 16th Hole

Sixteen is a long uphill par 4 that requires an accurate drive. Trees guard the players on the adjacent hole down the right side and a strip of tall fescue rough make pars difficult if you don’t find the fairway. The second shot may be the hardest on the course. Two putts on this narrow undulating green is no guarantee. Very few players ever birdie this hole.

The 17th Hole

The seventeenth hole is the final par 3 will probably determine the winner of any close match. This up hill par 3 will require a long iron to a difficult two-tiered green. You should pay close attention to the pin location as this green is longer and narrower than any other on the course. OB stakes will catch any shots pulled to the left. Nerves will be tested here.

The 18th Hole

The final hole is a slight dogleg right and you must hit your driver over the trees on the right side of the fairway. This hole is a blind shot so make sure the group in front has reached the green. Bunkers on the right and left of this finishing hole will test your skills. Consider playing a tee shot of approximately 200 yards that will leave a short wedge to this small undulating green. A birdie/bogey finish could be possible on this last hole.
Hope you enjoyed your round! Come again soon.